Trauma Informed Systems

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Lesson 1: What is A Trauma Informed System?
Lesson 1 walks you through the principles that serve as the foundation for trauma-informed systems.

  • What is A Trauma Informed System?
  • Lesson 1: Questions

Lesson 2: Why Are Trauma-Informed Systems Important?
Lesson 2 walks you through why trauma-informed care should be incorporated into organizations and systems.

Lesson 3: Trauma Specific, Trauma Sensitive, Trauma Informed
Lesson 3 walks you through the basic differences between trauma-specific services and trauma-informed systems.

Lesson 4: A Brief Overview of NEAR Science
Chapter 4 walks you through the collection of fields of study that include Neurobiology, Epigenetics, ACEs, and Resilience.

Closing Words
Closing Words